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Green Stuff

At Ta-Da! Workshop we strive to be environmentally friendly. In our work, we often use reclaimed fabrics and materials. We have also launched a green shopping project, recycling gift bags for our customers' purchases at art and craft shows.



Many of our flower pins put to use scraps of reclaimed vintage fabric. The pin to the left incorporates a reclaimed square of unused quilting fabric as its center. Other smaller pins incorporate a fabric-covered bottle cap as a center.

Our rag skirts are made with a mix of new fabrics and reclaimed t-shirt, jean, or other materials.

The painted screens are actually old, reclaimed storm windows that once truly performed a function.

Our mobiles are all about reinventing. Mobiles are made using items such as reclaimed paper towel rolls, stones and vintage book pages.

Ta-Da!'s windchimes are crafted from upcycled kitchen wares, including silverware, cups, strainers and more. We often incorporate recycled beads from necklaces or pieces of old fixtures.

Our garden flowers, flower wreaths and wall flowers are the product of recycled plastic containers and bottles. The garden staked flowers also incorporate the use of recycled cork and Earth-friendly bamboo. 

Our door wreaths are crafted from recycled plastic bags and coverings. We like to add to them using repurposed fabric scraps.

The piggy (and other anmial) pins are made from reclaimed buttons. We add recycled fabric, ribbon, yarn, artifical flower petals and paper.



The Green Shopping Project

This program's focus is on recycling and reusing gift bags. Not only do we recycle beautiful gift bags by using them as shopping bags for our customers, but we also encourage our customers to reuse the bags.
Affixed to each recycled bag is a Ta-Da! Workshop tag that says, "I've been reclaimed, recycled and reused by Ta-Da! Workshop. Please recycle or reuse me!"

Ta-Da! items are also shipped in reclaimed boxes using recycled packing materials whenever possible.


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