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Door Hangers & Wreaths: Ta-Da! makes a variety of large letters, shapes and wreaths that make the perfect welcome for your home's front door. We can make your piece seasonal or something you can display all year round. (Larger letters are $38 each, Wreaths range from $25 to $60, Oval decor is $30, Other custom pieces are individually priced.)

Garden Flowers: Our garden flowers add enchantment to any outdoor area, and can also be used indoors. Made of recycled plastic containers, each flower is an individual work-of-art. Spruce up your budding spring garden with a variety of these durable, earth-friendly pieces. Standing up to wind and rain, you can enjoy them until the winter snows rolls in. ($15 each)

Greeting & Note Cards: Ta-Da's fingerprint cards offer a handmade touch for thank-yous, invites and note cards. Each card is an individual piece of art, handpainted by Ta-Da!'s owner. We also feature a variety of photo note cards, perfect to have on hand for that spur-of-the-moment letter to a dear friend or relative. (Cards are $3 each or 4 for $10. Prices are reduced when bought in quantities of 12 or more. Please e-mail us with your request for large orders and we will send you a price quote.)

Reclaimed Painted Screens: A Ta-Da! orignial, these beautiful, repurposed, wooden storm screens are handpainted for indoor display. An environmentally-friendly piece of art, they add fun and whimsy to any room. Screen to be hung outdoors can be created upon request. ($50 to $100. Most $60.) 

Painted letters: Ta-Da!'s painted small wall letters are 8" in height. The can be customized to match any decor. Spell a word or use a single letter for a monogram. Letters have built-in hangers on the back. Ribbon hangers can be added for $2 a letter. ($10 each, 15% discount on purchased words.) Ta-Da!'s large letters are all hand drawn and cut (approx. 24" tall). I hand paint each letter to the your liking. You name it--solid colors, fun patterns, animals, themes and even your favorite team! ($38 to $49 for large letters)

Mobiles & Wind Chimes: Upcycled and repurposed wind chimes and mobiles are a Ta-Da! favorite. Made with mixed media (paper, plastic, kitchen ware, etc.), these items add an unexpected charm to any nook or cranny. ($15 to $75)

Signs: Say it loud and proud! Say anything! Welcome signs, motivational signs, name signs... we do it all. Let your imagination be our guide. Handpainted, our signs can match any decor. Priced by size. ($40 to $100)

Fleece Hats:
Our fleece hats are a winter hit! The perfect gift for a new baby or birthday. We have skull hats, monster hats, Nebraska football hats and shark hats--pink hats, polka-dot hats, and hats with pretty prints and ribbons. These hats are soft and warm. They come in three sizes: 0-1 year; 2-6 years; and 7 years- up. Check out our selection at the next show or call us to place an order. (plain hats $12, embellished hats $15)

Pins: We LOVE pins! They are such a great way to add funk and style to any outfit, home decor, or bag. Ta-Da!'s flower pins are made of mixed media including upcycled materials when possible. We can add a monogram to flower pins for free! We also have reclaimed vintage jewelry pins, button pins and felt flower pins. (Prices range from $7 to $25. Most flower pins are $10, button pins $7, felt flower pins $7-$10, and all others vary.)


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