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Special Occasions

Ta-Da! Items for special events:
Let Ta-Da! help you make your wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, anniversary, birthday party, themed event or corporate gathering a success!
If your looking for that "special touch" to make your event unique and memorable, Ta-Da! is here to help! From favors, to invites, to custom decorating, we do it all. Below are some items that could make your next celebration chic and fun! And remember we can always customize color and design to your liking.

Products with Pizzazz!

Large Letters: (16" to 24") A great idea for weddings, showers and even the arrival of a new baby! A great way to welcome guests and truly make your mark in style. These durable letters can later be used as a door or wall hangers--it's fun stuff! ($38  to $49 each)

Small Letters: (8" to 10") These smaller letters look great mixed with table decor or on wreaths. They can even be used in gift baskets or on a cake-- your imagination is the limit! Use a single letter for a monogram, or spell out an entire word or name. And like the large letters, these babies are durable and reusable. ($10 each)

Invites: Ta-Da! can customize fun and clever invites using your selected colors and style. Just a little inspiration and voila! So, let the brainstorming begin! (prices based on quantity)

Thank-you notes: A thank you note should make a big impression, something that your friends and family will remember. We can match your thank-yous to your invite style, or do something that stands alone. (prices based on quantity)

Centerpieces: Need something that simply says "WOW" for your wedding or special event? We hear ya! If you're looking for fun like nobody's business, we'll make it happen! From our twig centerpieces, to our giant whimsical flowers, let us help you find just the right touch!
(prices vary)

Corsages & Boutonnières:
If you want something special that your attendants, friends and family can wear even after your event, it is possible! Ta-Da! can match any color scheme, creating fun and funky wearable flowers for women and men. We can even add a monogram. (Yes, seriously!) (prices vary, typically $7 to $10 each)

Gifts for bridesmaids and others:  Ta-Da! can match any color scheme, creating fun and funky wearables like necklaces, bracelets, headbands and more. The key necklace (photo off to the left) is made from a vintage key. I've added some color and fun... and even a monogram! (prices vary, typically $15 to $20 each)









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